Offered Services

  • Feasibility checks for new control concepts
  • Support in writing the requirement specification including a carefully done description
    of the interface between control design, customer and control board design
  • Development of the application specific control software
  • Development of application specific software models (e.g. elecrical drives, inverter,
    mechanic loads, elasticity, grids etc.)
  • Closed loop simulation with Matlab/Simulink
  • Provision of acceptance tests for the control board
  • Creating the control software for the target system in C
  • Support during system integration
  • Initial operation and acceptance test protocol at the customer test bench
  • Documentation of the control structures
  • Description of how to bring the system to run
  • Evaluation formulas to come from physical parameters to software parameters
  • Support in the application field
  • Lessons in handling the solution for customer employees

Prices are either fixed or by expenditure

In case there is a detailed customer requirement specification together with a carefully done description of the interface between Control Design, Customer and the Control Board Design, I am  able offer the service with a fixed price. Support services or smaller extensions of an already through me implemented software are offered with price by expenditure.